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Okuda Digestive Medicine

Okuda Digestive Medicine combines 12 types of natural herbal medicines, and the effectiveness of each one of these is enhanced by the others to alleviate the various digestive ailments people suffer from.
Normally, a person possesses the power (natural healing power) to make themselves better and more energized after becoming sick or injured.
Okuda Digestive Medicine enhances this natural healing power even further and helps us closer to a state of health by alleviating various stomach ailments.


Heavy stomach, stomachache, weak stomach, heartburn, gastric hyperacidity, belching, loss of appetite, overeating, overdrinking, chest pain, stomach/abdominal bloating, nausea (nausea associated with a hangover or inability to handle alcohol, etc.), vomiting, indigestion, discomfort of the stomach.


Powdered gentiopicroside, powdered berberine, powdered swertiamarin, powdered obakunone, powdered quassin, powdered palmatine, powdered ginsenoside, powdered d-limonene, powdered citrus peel, powdered enmein, powdered oyster shell, precipitated calcium carbonate


  Age Single dose Doses per day
【Tablets】 Adult (15 years or over) 5 tablets 3 times
11 - 14 years 3 tablets
8 - 10 years 2 tablets
5 - 7 years 1 tablets
Under 5 years Do not administer
【Granule】 Adult (15 years or over) 1 sachet 3 times
8 - 14 years 1/2 sachet
Under 8 years Do not administer
【Powder】 Adult (15 years or over) 2 g (2 teaspoons) 3 times
8 - 14 years 1 g (1 teaspoons)
Under 8 years Do not administer



Product name Volume Suggested retail price (exc. tax)
Okuda Digestive Medicine (Tablets) 210 tablets 1,900 JPY
Okuda Digestive Medicine (Tablets) 400 tablets 3,300 JPY
Okuda Digestive Medicine (Powder) 120 grams 1,500 JPY
Okuda Digestive Medicine (Sachets) 20 sachets 1,100 JPY
Okuda Digestive Medicine (Sachets) 40 sachets 1,900 JPY
Okuda Digestive Medicine (Granule) 16 sachets 1,380 JPY
Okuda Digestive Medicine (Granule) 32 sachets 2,380 JPY


Precautions upon Use

1) When administering to small children, ensure adult supervision.
2) Administer in accordance with the correct dosage and usage.

Recommended for people suffering from the following.

Heartburn, belching, stomachache, heavy stomach…

These symptoms are often caused from excess secretion of stomach acid.
They may be triggered by an imbalance of the autonomic nerve due to stress, etc.
The antacid ingredients of Okuda Digestive Medicine (ingredients to suppress excessive stomach acid) and stomachic ingredients will alleviate such symptoms.

Weak stomach, no appetite, heavy stomach…

These symptoms often occur from having a weak stomach.
Okuda Digestive Medicine's stomachic ingredients will alleviate such symptoms.

Bloated, overeating, overdrinking…

These symptoms often occur from being unable to digest food properly.
Okuda Digestive Medicine's ingredients to assist digestion will alleviate such symptoms.

Diarrhea and constipation caused by indigestion, etc…

These symptoms often occur due to poor bowel function.
Okuda Digestive Medicine's ingredients for intestinal disorders will alleviate such symptoms.

Okuda Cranial Nerve Medicine

Okuda Cranial
Nerve Medicine M
Okuda Cranial
Nerve Medicine W
Okuda Cranial
Nerve Medicine

Received the 21st "Topical Product Award" from DRUG topics magazine. This medicine is effective for sufferers of the chronic unpleasant conditions of ringing ears and dizziness for which people find going to the hospital difficult and, even if they do, are often unable to have the cause identified.

*Okuda Cranial Nerve Medicine, Okuda Cranial Nerve Medicine M and Okuda Cranial Nerve Medicine W differ only in package design. Their ingredients and portions are completely identical.

What kind of medicine is Okuda Cranial Nerve Medicine? 
Only Okuda Cranial Nerve Medicine offers the combined effects of herbal medicine and Western medicine.

Fast-acting properties of three Western medicines and the long-lasting effects of seven herbal medicines work hand-in-hand to relieve various symptoms deriving from stress.
Okuda Cranial Nerve Medicine is the only form of sedative which combines Western and herbal medicines.
Okuda Cranial Nerve Medicine is also effective on headaches, heavy head sensations and hot flushes, which often occur due to stress.
This product can be used across a broad spectrum of people, including female office workers who regularly deal with various forms of workplace stress, students studying for exams and the elderly.


Hot flushes, dizziness, anxiety, irritability, headaches, heavy head sensation, neck/shoulder stiffness, ringing ears


Powdered uncaria rhynchophylla, powdered panax ginseng, zizyphus jujuba var.spinosus, powdered Arisaema heterophyllum, powdered magnolia salicifolia, powdered epimedium macranthum, powdered asiasarum sieboldi, rutin, caffeine, bromovalerylurea, calcium glycerophosphate


Please take the following dosages with hot water or water after a meal.


Age Single dose Doses per day
Adult (15 years or over) 5 tablets 2 times
Under 15 years Do not administer


Product name Volume Packaging type Suggested retail price (exc. tax)
Okuda Cranial Nerve Medicine 40 tablets Heat seal 1,600 JPY
50 tablets Heat seal 1,980 JPY
90 tablets Bottle 3,000 JPY
150 tablets Bottle 4,680 JPY
160 tablets Bottle 4,800 JPY
340 tablets Bottle 9,000 JPY
Okuda Cranial Nerve Medicine W 70 tablets Bottle 2,458 JPY
Okuda Cranial Nerve Medicine M

70 tablets

Bottle 2,458 JPY
150 tablets Bottle 4,743 JPY
340 tablets Bottle 9,000 JPY

Precautions upon Use:Not to be used 

  1. Not to be used by the following people.
    People who have had an allergic reaction after taking this medicine.
  2. Do not use any of the following medicines while taking this medicine.
    Other hypnotics and sedatives, sedatives, cold medicine, antipyretics, cough medicine, or internal drugs containing antihistamine (internal medicine for nasal inflammation, travel sickness, antiallergy drugs)
  3. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery after taking this medicine (As it may cause sleepiness.)
  4. Do not consume alcohol when taking this medicine.
  5. Do not use this medicine for an extended period of time.

Precautions upon Use:Items for consultation 

The following people should seek advice from a medical practitioner or chemist before taking this medicine.

  1. People undergoing treatment from a medical practitioner.
  2. Pregnant women or women who may be pregnant.
  3. Breastfeeding women
  4. Elderly or frail people
  5. People with a predisposition to allergies or who have family members with predispositions to allergies
  6. People who have triggered allergic reactions by taking medicine
  7. People who have been diagnosed with the following:
    Kidney disease, liver disease, heart disease, stomach ulcer, glaucoma, decreased respiratory function

These symptoms may be caused by stress.

The nervous system is said to largely contribute to hot flushes.
Hot flushes occur when the autonomic nervous system becomes imbalanced due to stress, etc. making it hard for one to slow down. This in turn leads to a rise in blood pressure and metabolism and the active secretion of hormones.
Okuda Cranial Nerve Medicine helps to alleviate hot flushes by relaxing prolonged nerve tension.
People suffering from stiff shoulders or a pain as though their head is being squeezed tightly are believed to develop headaches and a heavy head sensation due to an imbalance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves of the autonomic nervous system caused by stress, overwork and muscle stiffness.
Okuda Cranial Nerve Medicine dispels stress and emotional tension, thus alleviating headaches and heavy head sensations.
Stiff shoulders involves pain in the neck and shoulders caused by fatigued muscles in the neck and around the shoulders and poor blood circulation.
Contributing factors may be working at a desk for prolonged periods of time in the same position, tired eyes, or emotional factors such as tension and stress.
Okuda Cranial Nerve Medicine alleviates the stiffness in shoulders and neck caused by tension and stress.
Irritability occurs when things do not turn out the way we had hoped, trouble in human relationships, difficulties in the workplace and so forth.
Irritability can also occur due to emotional imbalance, stress, lack of sleep or a nutritional imbalance.
Okuda Cranial Nerve Medicine alleviates emotionally irritable states and helps a person back to their normal selves.
Anxiety is believed to derive from an imbalance in neurotransmitters in the brain, such as serotonin and dopamine.
People develop anxiety due to changes in their environment, worries, tension, fears, feeling frantic and so on.
Okuda Cranial Nerve Medicine helps to return people who have reached a state of emotional anxiety back to their normal selves.
In addition to ear or brain-related illnesses, stress may be a cause of dizziness. Stress causes an imbalance in the autonomic nervous system, which regulates the rhythm of the body, causing our actual lifestyle rhythm and body rhythm to become out of sync, thus leading to dizziness.
Okuda Cranial Nerve Medicine has the ability to relax nerves and help them back to a state close to normal, thus alleviating dizziness.
Ringing ears may be caused by aging or ear-related illnesses but the causes are yet to be clearly identified therefore the treatment is unknown.
Okuda Cranial Nerve Medicine helps to relax nerves fatigued from stress, etc. which can partially alleviate ringing ears.